Saturday, 26 September 2009

The gates of hell

Finally, it comes - bloodshot eyes, apocalyptic rage over trivial matters, crying that pierces the cavities of our brains, 15-minute stretches of screaming that feel like hours and carry us to the brink of insanity.

Come in sleepless nights, we've been expecting you.

I've had 12 hours sleep in the past week and I have literally felt the flames of hell on my toes. Fuck off sub editors, I DO mean literally.

Luca has cried his way through the nights and made us question everything we thought we were doing right. The bath-massage-feed-bed routine is laughing at us. The other night he screamed through every step of it. Then screamed at what seemed like three-minute intervals for the entire night.

What's worst, impossibly, is when he IS sleeping. When he's calm for half a priceless hour, and my mind is telling me, pleading with me, that now is the time to sleep.

In case you've never heard it, it's almost impossible to sleep to the din of your own mind's impassioned reasoning. 'Sleep now man, sleep while you have the chance. Sleep now or never again!'

Then, before I know it, it's 5.34am, Luca's at it again, and the prospect of getting up for work in two hours looms like a slow dance with Satan himself.

Yes, I was warned. Yes, we've had it pretty easy up till now. And if you want to say you told me so, then I'll agree and shake you by the hand. Except my hand will be like Freddy Krueger's, and I'll shake you by the neck instead. Sorry, I'm just having nightmares. Or am I? I don't even know any more. Night night.

PS. Parents, psychics and anyone at all with an opinion, if you want to offer any life-saving advice on how to make the boy sleep, please use the comments box, we need you!


  1. anyone who makes me LAUGH OUT LOUD with a comment on my blog gets an AUTOMATIC follow!

    You're the man.

    and.......i loved your post. Buckle up mister. It's a long, bumpy road.

  2. Two words. Ear plugs. Unless, of course, ear plugs is one word. In which case. One word. Earplugs. Either way. Get some earplugs.

  3. WOW! Love the picture and your blog took me back...yeah, not sure what to tell you except, "this too shall pass"

  4. despite the adversity, still managed to get him to skip a feed [that he didnt need] and go back to sleep. in your face, satan

  5. And as if all this wasn't hard enough you have to go to work and listen to me whine for 8 hours a day...