Saturday, 3 October 2009

How we learned to stop worrying and love the madness

Luca is eating! Actual food! Thanks to our meticulous planning he is now on a regular diet of breast milk, formula milk, baby rice, gooey baby fruit stuff, and the odd finger-dab of ice cream, yoghurt, strawberry or whatever else we happen to be eating. Sod the routine, sod the gradual introductions to new food, time to get messy.

Being used to bottles and breasts that keep on giving, he's struggled with the concept of solid food from a spoon. Specifically, the three seconds in between mouthfuls, when he demands to know why the hell the last spoonful wasn't immediately followed by another.

But I'm happy to say that he takes after his dad in eating anything and everything we put in front of him.

This is the way it's going. We're not ignoring the advice of books, health visitors, and breastfeeding counsellors, we're just mixing it up a little. Our latest theory, which will change at least eight times in the next 24 hours, is that instinct should win out over routine.

People are chaotic, tiny people even more so. He is nowhere near learning how to sleep through the night. But instead of listening to him cry at 4am in a vain effort to 'teach' him, we just feed him every time he seems to want it. Everyone sleeps more, everyone's happier, and Gina Ford can kiss my hairy white ass.

We are also the proud new owners of a Tiny Love Symphony in Motion Mobile. Apparently it might help him get to sleep on his own. He might yet learn to love it, but he might not.


  1. Excellent, it's all about baby steps, LOL! I remember taking a vow not to worry. Worrying can ruin a life.

    much love!

  2. Just make sure he doesn't go to school with a thermos of "mommy's special milk."


  3. He looks like he's loving it! I have the fear of weaning our two loves, but reckon it'll be cool once the seal is broken(maybe even fun?!). Will be also following the principles of going with the flow and not getting prescriptive about it all - worked for us so far. Gina Ford is a baby sadist - can't think of anyone I'd rather NOT listen to more (of that makes sense??)

  4. Vodka Mom is too funny!

    My twins love their musical mobiles. It calms them when they are cranky.

    I agree with Emily. Go with the flow!

    I've never heard of Gina Ford. I'll have to Google her, though she sounds like a real witch!

    Hugs and Mocha,

  5. Parental instincts should always trump the advice of others, even the experts!

    And I love reading your cracks me up that we speak the same language but don't speak the same language at the same time! In America, "sod" is grass!

  6. Ah Gina. The bane of almost every single British parent. Bin it. Go with the flow. You'll get there in the end and not feel guilty about it either.

    As an aside, I just discovered that scrumping doesn't mean the same on both sides of the pond either.